Interview with the editor

I’m an editor at the publisher O’Reilly Media. Right now I specialize in books on programming languages and data analysis.

O’Reilly Media reached its first crest of fame when we published The Whole Internet at the beginning of 1992; it was the first successful book describing the Internet for non-technical readers. Further spurts of fame came with our Emerging Technology conferences (growing out of the Peer-to-Peer conference of 2001) and founder Tim O’Reilly’s invention of the term Web 2.0 in 2004.

Before being known to the wider public, we were already highly regarded among anyone who has seriously used Unix or the X Window System. Later, our popular books included various series on Perl, Java, Linux, and the ground-breaking Head First and Missing Manuals series. Online, we started the Global Network Navigator (possibly the first site on the World Wide Web to publish professionally edited content and accept advertising), Web Review, a technical information site called The O’Reilly Community, Safari Books Online, and our MAKE site of Do-It-Yourself projects, a companion to our popular magazine of the same name.

This page is here to answer questions from people who would like to write a book for us, or are just curious about how we create and market our work. Everything here represents my own point of view; it is not an official company statement. People interested in writing for us should also read the official O’Reilly author’s Web page.

Starting in 2004 I began to research the wide range of free, user-contributed documentation on the Internet: web pages, mailing lists, and other media for sharing technical information. Materials about that research are available on separate page, and are included in my list of online articles.

I can be reached at email andyo at domain

(Thanks to a generous volunteer, Paintings blog, an older version of this page has a Russian translation.)