After being wordless

We were talked out. So we clinked over morsels from our plates
In silence,
She extracting her favorite shrimp for immediate consumption,
I hoarding my preferred nuggets till the end.

I feared we would never dig out a conversation,
Fading into the contemplative phase of the evening.

We wouldn’t know whether or not we differed
Concerning some point that was made before she left us,
Whether some great conclusion could hang from a thread,
A lesson from the preceding days.

I heard inside an urgent command to restart discussion,
Without delay,
During the gaps between bites,
So we would not risk losing, in the intervening moments,
Where a hesitation turns into a decade,
The life left to us.

But no, we wouldn’t share the impressions streaming through our minds,
Or draw out distinctions to regain our unity.
So we sat.

I think togetherness is returning,
Gradually during the quiet dawns.

Andy Oram
April 17, 2017

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