Carmel shuk

We have peppers!
We have za’atar!
We have cashews, pita, grapes!
Gather round, go ahead, come closer.
Shove to the front, don’t argue with your boyfriend on the cell phone, or else get out of the way, let me shout at you, shout back, let’s do business.
We came from the port at five this morning.
We laid out our goods in the designs established over many generations.
Everyone can see what we sell, yet we cry it out each minute in a ritual that evokes mating songbirds.
Some chosen few of the twenty thousand who pass us today must want my wares.
When they noticed Yoram’s pomegranates they were struck by their vibrant reds.
Two minutes later when they saw Avram’s, their mouths watered.
Now when I utter “rimonim” they buy.
The savvy shopper gets the fruit for three shekels, whereas the timid bumbler pays six.
I like being out among my people.
But I have plans for the merchandise that doesn’t sell at the end of the day.

Andy Oram
February 20, 2017

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