On the edge of the end of the year’s light

The unacknowledged, the undelved, the obscure came to him,
And he took them in dextrously,
Made a nest between two rafters,
Shut off access to introspection.

He settled there deep leanings, bedded down naught,
Tendering it the indulgence granted to what is neither true nor false, but null.

Lacking impulse, it waited for no fixed moment,
Gravitated with the movement of the house,
Offered no inclination to explore,

But at times of interim,
When chatter fell away to incomprehension,
When people sat in unlit corners,
When other things weren’t happening,
In the pauses of routines,
Fragments almost unrecognizable, like invisible dust,
Like trivial and irrelevant outbursts, inconsequential depositions
Descended through the ether.

Darkness is congruent with darkness,
Voids conform.
The recesses become receptors.
So yearly he leans, and he lacks, and he loans,
And his untutored valences bind
With my own.

Andy Oram
December 13, 2010

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