In transit

Welcome to a place of corridors without apartments,
Families without roles,
Time without markers,
Except the posted arrivals and departures.
Tread here and take a step out of life.

We’re off.
Off-base, off-center, off-limits.
On a mission to pass one another by.
Some are here to flee, others to follow.
Although we share a common contact point, we are each alone in the crowd with only a language of our own.
And in that language, everyone thinks of what they left behind, and to the dreams or disappointments that await.
But those fixtures of identity are pushed for an hour off the podium of perception.
The past is sharded, the future shrouded, the present a mere breath.
Before our final descent into meaning,
We wind up the anchors to a consciousness that is our mandate and our possession.

Andy Oram
February 26, 2017

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