Incoming light

Shuttled along with the morning light into the world as it is, I squeezed my head to the side and shut my eyes,
Sweeping my arm to push away the wakefulness my window spread across me.

Because the glaring rays brought with them shame, and recrimination, and
All the sorry lapses among my feeble gestures to make an imprint on the earth.

Doubts that had gathered strength each dusk in unswept shadows of my room
Fed all night on the anxiety that poured from my sweat-drenched bed
And flocked to menace me with the dawn.

They spoke of cruelties to my friends, of opportunities passed up, of outrages known only to myself.
My sins began to congeal in the sun’s radiation.

But the light forced its way in and caught me up in its fearless glow,
Its passion for all nature, its adoration of energy.

The orb continued to rise.
I reawakened and saw everything that remained in my life and saw that it had stayed to assuage me.
And I gleamed with droplets of perspiration and tears of gratitude,
Embracing the vision.

Andy Oram
December 18, 2014

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