Passion on the side

They were exceedingly thoughtful,
      Addressed my request so politely,
      Because I was fired up with my passion,
            I said “I want to work in the field of health care reform.”

And I found that everybody does.
      They had many, many suggestions.
      They led me by the hand into a long hallway and pointed out many doors.
But it turns out that no one actually makes money working on health care reform.
      They pursue their passion on the side,
            While diagnosing their way to expensive testing—
            Or marketing a computer program that spits out the diagnosis—
            Or streamlining the submission of hospital bills—
            Or distributing thirteen hundred awkward billion tax dollars—
      A solid day on the job of reinforcing the status quo.

And there’s no point going to college,
      Where each discipline learns how to talk past each other.
            Did we mention the goal of health care reform is to foster collaboration?

I gazed past my well-intentioned advisors,
      Down the long, olive green hallway of pacing, stumbling, limping figures,
            Trying to make out what was at the end.

Andy Oram
June 1, 2018

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