Sky and earth

Resounding sky
Pulsing earth

I spread arms to the unfolded horizon.

Radiant color overspreading me,
Red and orange at the edges of the day, but white and blue and yellow during the dominion of the sun,
Deep-tinged soil boosting me,
Clods of grub and taupe and onyx in boisterous collusion.

Halcyon sky
Smelt earth

One’s brilliant cries,
One’s taut whispers,

One flinging winged creatures across the airy dome,
One harboring the quiet comprehensions of denizens from unfamiliar millennia.

I take my inspiration and my breath,
The winds of six continents
And the mordant pigments of bedrock.

I know I travel far, sharing the glimpse of ecstatic glory
With the temperance of subterranean thought.

When I design my palace,
Its senses will merge the aether and the impenetrable.

Andy Oram
March 18, 2017

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