Augmented reality

This poem is based on a vision of Teilhard de Chardin, described in “Christ in the World of Matter” in his book Hymn of the Universe. He was meditating in a church and looked at a painting of Christ. He had a dual experience of seeing all the elements of the painting as they actually were, and simultaneously, on top of them, a series of alterations and transformations.


A leap from one

edge suffuses

the painting                  A blaze under the gentle church

window light                  Body outlines melting

intact but merging




Each part of the

painting cleanly defined

as always                  While the aureole

expanded to a planetary

atmosphere of rotating

synapses and neurons

The stitches in the clothing gleamed as if

sewn by angels diaphanies woven by

the order of matter                 Rays from the heart streamed through

the church the world the cosmos grouping

elements of the universe



Vibrating to the core of being




The gentle divine eyes

full of pity            flashing            with quick aspects

passionate                  imperious

subduing       seduction


incomparably lofty the

powers racing


his face



All the glances that ever mirrored a human heart





His presence diffused our entire existence

While he took upon himself all joy and pain


The totality of life


This poem was published in issue #4 of Ranger magazine in 2024.

Andy Oram
April 27, 2023

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