Emily Dickinson at the Coronation Café

From prim Reclusion shall I take
A few swift steps to this Café
The Pulse a thriving Pace to wake
And scents of sweeter Thoughts to weigh

With Spirit bless’d—though Talent scant—
A Bard plucks on his Instrument
I cheer the fumbling Musikant
For Frolic is his chaste Intent

Some Laggards savor breakfasts stack’d
Far into afternoon’s dark edge
While others seek macchiatos lack’d
Or cooling—to drab lounges fetch

No Metaphysic I’ll pretend
Nor heavenly salvation Creeds
To Poets true these Venues vend
All Inspiration that one needs


Map showing the 8-minute walk to the Coronation Café that's in proximity to Emily Dickenson's house

This poem was published in issue #4 of Ranger magazine in 2024.

Andy Oram
November 20, 2023

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