In a mailbox on the green

too cheery get-well greeting  /
disengagement  announced  /
an engagement in amber  /
response to junk mail offer  /
last squeeze out of savings for
rent  /  inheritance tendered
/ signed separation agreement
▮                                            ▮

enclosed please find the family keepsake I planned to
give you at our yearly weekend together


On the arc of a suburban steet

blackened spade  /  scooter abandoned after the twenty-eighth lap  /  boredom on a swinging bench  /  hearing aid calling for rescue  /  well-chewed tennis ball
enclosed please find a check for the class
we had to move online


In a shuttered chapel

        chalice  /
      walking stick
/  announcement of
upcoming services  /
stick crayoned dog  /
crumpled heating bill
▮ /  withered wreath ▮
enclosed please find what we
wish we had now


This poem was published as part of a series in a special issue, The Great Pause, of Press Pause Press.

Andy Oram
April 1, 2020

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