The daylight lingers in the summer till repose

Breath-lacy heaven-heart in recollection a flight down and down

                  from an unfathomably high place through a singing dome
         tethered over vineyards

Dignified centuries on old pathways through the slopes, arounding
         Dialect is always an echo, loosely
         So give the hills a generous subsidy of tear-streaked laudos

Were routines? Ever, hardly……barrels through the musky road
         Bang∌not a repetition of keyboard <banalities> from home

                  meanwhile satyrs cavort
         with the eucharist

Flaring spired acidity—a brave gavotta, and rising fast in the glass

Still, daylight, stay, song of endless trust

         that we will persist and

The roof tiles of Montepulciano bearing me caressingly as I drift…
         unmotored now
         Mouth still around the whispers of our intended
         Return the moment


This poem was published in the Spring 2020 issue of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal, page 412.

Andy Oram
November 7, 2018

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