Neural net

For Dinesh G. Dutt

I’m thinking

it’s time to configure a new protocol of notifications from an unaccounted future

for a brain                                                                                                     partitioned — non-consistent

that repeatedly

drops packets as it                                  lacks a fully connected network

traces a path away from enlightment is pervasively exposed to

well-intended candy wrappers                     people who say pronouns can lie                    crackpots on Byzantine platforms

decked out with extraneous existences        flagrantly exposed to malignant scrutiny       slashing significance from protocols
stock vacation images                                  undeterred by ancient understandings            kept alive by opaque handshakes
every brusque weekly commonplace           furiously hidden from tabulation                    heaving highly compressed projectiles

They tunnel funny payloads
within fragments incompletely formed

If I must

massage the message I retransmit be liberal in what I accept

placing backpressure                             at moments of extreme disconnect
on too promiscuous nodes                     not in harmony with today’s traffic


can the network survive   can the network survive  can the network survive  can the network survive  can the network survive




This poem was published in Cloud Native Data Center Networking, by Dinesh G. Dutt, published by O’Reilly Media, Inc., November 2019.

Andy Oram
August 29, 2019

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