Waiting out the rain

For the price of a coffee I sit
Watch the rain paint aurora across the view from the windows
Privileged to be dry privileged to have a few unappointed minutes
No power on my mobile device no book no newspaper except the local advertising rag

Silence in the mall sparse vehicles in the lot placid visitors elderly strollers
Few people today apparently needed jolts of new acquisitions in hand

Fogs over concrete with anticipation not sure which way to float
Dusky sparrows claim places on a light fixture or surveillance camera while planning their return to nature

With me
Sullen visitors run hands over polystyrene nothing to look at
Just cars pressing down the luminescent pavement
Resin table tops
Acrylic notices of salt-sodden specials

Why doesn’t everybody have to get somewhere
What a place to find respite from exigence from scheduling from harriment
The barista stares across the linoleum through the glass door
The espresso machines beg for employment
Somewhere someone’s clock digitally advances without noise to the next minute

This poem was published in issue 77 of Offcourse, June 20, 2019.

Andy Oram
November 25, 2018

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