A course of serotonin

slinky little knives

incising trauma; …  …

blindness explodes to fill
all fleeing niches—

and still the world is two-dimensional to the eye

(drops are no salve for tears)
but what?…

⚕ Parents are not allowed to accompany patients after this point in the procedure Mrs O.


[only months later]

twitches and involuntary rituals

one gram of what

the schizophrenic ingests, in wholesale every day

⚕ A third operation will be necessary as the previous ones did not completely correct the astigmatism.

luckily my mother refused the third operation

but much later

I opened my eyes to the

other side
of serotonin:


❈‾for lobbing far-fetched associations at emergent outrages

while it streams <<through the electric cortex>>

slinging 3D metaphors at the pundasphere

¡ seed for shocking connections across lobes

mannerly squinted technicalities

married to rivers of consequences

Ganges and Danubes of revelation!

a career in disclosing to thousands

copious self-knowledges

pirouettes and vaults ☓ thirty-five years

Quick — conjure a combustion


This poem was published in issue 2 of Waymark Literary Magazine.

Andy Oram
June 28, 2020

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